It looks like Paramore have finally finished their album

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There’s been a lot of back and forth on Paramore’s new album, and trying to piece together news from Twitter and Instagram. But now, it looks as though they may have finished their upcoming fifth full-length, thought to be due in 2017.

Posting on Twitter, the band have released a picture of some gear and guitars along with the caption: “packing it up”, suggesting they’re finally leaving the studio.
    packin it up

    — Paramore (@paramore) November 23, 2016

For the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Paramore’, they’ve once again teamed up with ex-drummer Zac Farro. “I love what they’re doing,” he recently told Upset. “It will be a really cool album for people to hear. There’s nothing more I can tell you! If it was my album I would love to talk about it.

“I’ll be able to talk about it when it comes out probably. The album’s not even done yet, so… I guess it’s interesting because it’s Paramore, it’s a massive band that people want to know. What everybody needs to know is that they’re not gonna be let down.”

Source: UPSET