Hayley Williams' Favorite Songs

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Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams spends a lot of time recommending tunes to her 2 million-plus Twitter fans, whether she's encouraging them to check out the latest New Found Glory album (her boyfriend, Chad Gilbert, happens to be their guiltarist) or singing praise for classics like The Angels' "I Adore Him."

Hayley gets a lot of love from her fellow celebs, too: Rihanna once told Vanity Fair that Paramore was her favorite band, and she's close friends with Taylor Swift, who invited Hayley to sing a duet with her at a recent show.

Though Williams has said she's "too ADD" to pick and keep favorites, she's been extra partial to these tunes. Check 'em out!

1. "Carrying the Banner," The Newsies Soundtrack

Like many an '80s-born kid, Hayley grew up watching some deliciously cheesy Disney musicals. She told SPiN that this tune is her all-time favorite song, explaining, "I grew up watching Newsies with my mom — and luckily, so did a few of my friends. Well, they never watched it with my mom but... you get it. We always blast this one on road trips!"

2. "I'm Not the One," New Found Glory

Williams' dedication to her boyfriend Chad Gilbert is obvious – she can't stop gushing about his music. She called this song one of her favorites on Twitter, writing, "It's so catchy it actually hurts my face" (she likes to write about her face a lot). When a fan pointed out her obvious bias, she tweeted, "hahah no i just like to think i have excellent taste in catchy tunes."

3. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now," The Smiths

Hayley listens to a lot of The Smiths, and she does have favorites: "Ask," and this tune, a 1984 hit. She even has dreams about Morrissey, although they're unpleasant: "[I] I dreamed I was in a school cafeteria and something really bad happened to Morrissey. He was brought in on a stretcher and then rolled through the room to some kind of hospital. And I just started crying uncontrollably. Then I woke up. It was awful."

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Paramore - Hello Cold World [Preview Clip]

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Paramore have posted a 30-second preview clip for a new song called 'Hello Cold World'. The track is the second song of the Paramore Singles Club, a collection of 3 songs being released one by one on the band's website. The full version of 'Hello Cold World' will be available for download on November 7th, with a variety of 7-inch pre-order packages for the entire collection also available for a December 14th release.

The Paramore Singles Club is available for pre-order here. Listen to the preview clip below: